Dyson Robot Vacuum Price: Is it Justified?

Dyson has long been one of the most popular high-end vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the market. Having carved its niche as superior to other brands, Dyson has established itself as a premier product. This is why the reveal of the Dyson robot vacuum cleaner was accompanied by fanfare.

Dyson has had a history of manufacturing quality vacuum cleaners. The launch of the robot cleaner has certainly attracted attention, thanks to the high price tag. This cost is definitely in the high-end region, and has led many shoppers, including myself, to question whether it is really worth its price.

To understand this better, I will outline three key things to look out for when choosing a high-end vacuum cleaner. This way, there will be a comparison between Dyson and other premier options in the market. The three are:

  1. An understanding of how robotic cleaners function.
  2. Robotic technology used.
  3. Outstanding features.

How Do Robotic Cleaners Work?

While there are different models available in the market, the basic functionality, I have realized has remained the same. Typically, such vacuums have a round shape that houses a motor which powers the cleaner. The cleaners are also designed with sensors, which coupled with algorithms, have the ability to draw the outline of the area.

The advantages of robot vacuums include provision for cleaning schedules, a small frame which makes it easy to access far corners as well as the capacity to return to the charging base. On the flipside, these robotic cleaners can not differentiate between dirt and common items such as electronic cables and earrings, so you have to clean up to an extent.

Robotic Technology in Use

The future of robotics has certainly grown in the last few years, and has finally been incorporated into the cleaning industry. Dyson vacuum cleaners are touted to have the most powerful suction power. This can be attributed to the energy-saving digital motor, alongside cyclonic filtration.

In addition, Dyson’s 360-degree camera allows the cleaner to analyze its immediate environment. Using probability, intricate arithmetic and geometry, this robot vacuum is able to navigate the room withe ease. A free Dyson app is also available on Android and iOS platforms for clients who would like to sync their cleaning schedules with the appliance.

Outstanding Features

Dyson robot vacuums boast a digital motor, continuous tank tracks as well as full-width brush. The digital motor is lightweight, and packs quite the power. The tank tracks are an innovative feature that permits easy maneuvering across different floor surfaces. The full width brush contains carbon fibre filaments that effectively get rid of dirt and debris in far-off places.


Its powerful motor functionality, advanced robotics, innovative vision system and tank tracks offer unparalleled cleaning. I’d recommend this appliance for anyone who wants effective cleaning, and does not feel constrained by the budget implications of the same. For what it offers, the Dyson robot vacuum is value for money so you should feel free to check it out.