Dyson Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Review

The world of home cleaning becomes easier yet again with Dyson’s newest entry into the growing trend of cordless rechargeable vacuums. Reminiscent of the innovative and somewhat revolutionary cordless cleaners of 2013 and 2014 which entered the public sphere in a major way, the British technology company shows themselves yet again as a company in tune with the growing needs of consumers.

Dyson again solidifies themselves as an adaptable force within this field by introducing their line of Dyson rechargeable vacuum cleaners with the power and spectacle known only to the Dyson brand, in a more compact and portable frame, effectively establishing their entry into the cordless revolution.

The mission statement of James Dyson appeals to the humanity of what could just as easily exist as another faceless corporation. Instead, he finds himself delivering a relatable mission statement to the wonderful world of consumers. “Like everyone,” it reads, “we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.”

In order to hold Dyson accountable to their claim–as should be common practice with all corporations, we should begin my measuring the validity of the product’s claims of invention and improvement.


The first thing you’ll notice when interacting with any Dyson vacuum, is its sleek design. While the product boasts a collection of nifty gadgets and surprisingly powerful performance reminiscent to its predecessors, and the standard we hold the brand accountable to, it is its design and manoeuvrability that allow the product to shine.


Equipped with a wall-mounted docking station, it can be stored and charged with ease, and is ready to go at all times. This serves as a practical counter to what could perhaps be considered the product’s flaw; its battery life. Their machines boast a lifespan of up to 20-minutes which, while true for its smaller tools, shrinks to around 17-minutes on regular setting, and 7 minutes on max.


Luckily, the previously mentioned wall-mounted docking station, as well as the vacuum’s overall portability allows for a much faster cleaning process than the average consumer has grown to expect, meaning that the somewhat limited battery life doesn’t present itself as a major issue.


Continuing the trend of well designed, effective manoeuvrability is the product’s easily cleanable modular attachments, complete with an easy-to-detach brush bar which ensure the product as an effective, low-stress cleaning apparatus.


In conclusion, Dyson is a strong competitor in the growing trend of cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners. The downsides of a somewhat limited battery life is majorly compensated for by a series of clever design choices that make the product lightweight and compact, and solidify it as an effective tool in home cleaning, especially in smaller homes.

If you’re interested in reaching those once hard-to-reach places, living without fear of tripping over cords, and finally having an excuse to put your kids to work, then your needs are well suited to Dyson’s product, which might just be the perfect vacuum cleaner that your home needs.