Dyson DC59 Animal Review

The DC59 Animal is the latest from Dyson in their DC series of cordless vacuums. It boast advance features and improved design over its former DC44 model.

Thanks to the Dyson digital motor v6, the DC59 animal is able to achieve 3 times of the speed of conventional cordless vacs. Using 15 cyclones, the suction power of this vacuum collects dirt and dust down to a microscopic level. Meanwhile, the brush bar and powerful filtration system will ensure all dirt, dust and pathogens stay out of your floors and out of your lungs.

Improved V-Ball Technology gives you easier navigation around corners and tight spots in your home, while the longer neck provides less strain on your back. Advanced from the ground up, the floor tool on this model is much lighter and built wider than the DC44.

In order to get difficult to access areas, the DC59 comes with a miniature motorized tool providing you with everything you need to get the job done.


Dyson DC59 Animal VacuumI had a generic looking minivac for cleaning my car and furniture because it seemed ideal. It was okay until it just stopped working one day.

In my hunt for a replacement, I wanted something that brought me into the 21st century so I did some research and landed on the Dyson DC59. The powerful motor, the different tools, and the floor vac option really sold it for me.

The Animal is assembled before use, and parts fit together like toys. No worries there.

It’s fairly lightweight, and considerably comfortable as well; fits nicely in your hands.

It vacuums pet hair with ease, making it really useful for carpeted areas in the home. I was impressed by how well it performed on couches and car seats too. Feels powerful when you use it and the evidence is right in the dust bin.

It has a MAX setting, which boosts the motor power at the expense of the battery power. It’s effective, but the battery will only run for 6 minutes like this. Recharging is simple, 3 hours to fully charge, shuts off when charged.

The dustbin is so easy to empty and the filters are a breeze to remove and clean.

It’s so easy to go around the house and do a git of light cleaning with this thing and then when you’re done, you just charge it up for the next use.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable to hold and clean with
  • Powerful


  • A bit on the pricier end.
  • Short battery life


The Dyson DC59 Animal is a powerful, effective and practical tool. Their advance technology seems to be limited by power of the battery. Yet, when you observe the forces in the motor and level of dirt picked up, you know that power isn’t being wasted. It’s a good piece of equipment, a bit expensive, but if you can afford it – you’re not going to find much better.

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