Best Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners To Buy

Dyson is known for its attention to detail where vacuum cleaners are concerned. From upright to steamers, Dyson has tested the boundaries with their incredible suction power. There are those who prefer the canister type vacuums though and therefore, an investigation into the best Dyson canister vacuum cleaners to buy simply has to be done.

What is interesting to note on the latest Dyson models, is the fact that all of them are designed to handle pet hair and dander which is fantastic news for those who only decide to get a pet later on.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Model

They are all also specifically designed to combat allergens in the home. They’ve narrowed the canister models down to three, which makes it a lot easier for the customer to make a decision. The best technology is available in all three models, however, making the right decision will depend on your specific needs.

Dyson Cinetic Animal – For The Tiny House Or Flat

This model is known as the entry-level model, best suited for small homes. The technology in this machine makes it possible to separate the microscopic dust as well, which is usually responsible for clogging up other machines.

This model is also filter-free, which is great for those who loathe cleaning these filters. Quite possibly the best feature on this machine is the promise that it will maintain 100{13d535ddeae1a90f42b9ff1586906b2be87669b7e44aacb62d19711cfd014a97} suction power.

For those who suffer from allergies, this is an absolute must-have feature.

Another great feature is the fact that the brush heads are specifically designed to pick up deep seated dust in carpets, but also have finer brushes that clean hard flooring as well, without leaving a scratch.

The best part of course is that you don’t need to adjust anything. Dyson’s ball technology also means that the vacuum cleaner is able to turn around without the risk of falling over or becoming tangled, making this chore as effortless as possible.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal – For Those Needing Something Light

Weighing a mere 13.8 lbs, this model is perfect for those who simply cannot manage lumbering a heavy machine about.

This is great for properties who have stairs to navigate and also for those where storage space is a little bit tight. Sucking power is not lost on this model as it focuses on 2 tier radial cyclones to ensure sucking power is at its max. Also able to navigate the different flooring applications with ease due to the carbon fiber floor tool, this is a worthy contender.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor – For Those With Many Different Floor Applications

This is a monster where dust is concerned. Harnessing all their combined expertise and bringing it forth in one single filter, has managed to produce the radial root cyclone technology.

There is simply no dust that can escape from the clutches of this mighty beast. Featuring an ingeniously designed trigger-head floor tool, there is no bending down to change the brush heads when moving to the different floor types.

This model is also ideal for large houses and boasts a 45 ft reach with a 30 ft cord.

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