Why You Should Buy a Dyson Ball Vacuum For Your Home

Vacuum cleaners don’t often pop up in conversations, but when they do, it’s almost certainly one of two reasons: you’re either not happy with it or it has blown you away. If you can’t seem to remember the last time you’ve ever thought of mentioning your vacuum cleaner, don’t be dismayed, the Dyson Ball vacuum is going to change your perspective.

Each and every homeowner can attest to the fact that a vacuum cleaner is one very essential cleaning companion and with this comes a lot of sacrifices and choices to be made.

This could be in terms of the amount of money to be incurred, the specifications and even the model.

The model is a very important factor not only because of performance, but also because of the ease of access to repair, maintain, and customer services. This is what has placed the Dyson at the top of the list of best vacuums for quite a long time.

Dyson offers a great solution to maneuverability difficulties experienced in most vacuums- with their patent ball technology.

The goal of this article is to show you why you need a good Dyson ball vacuum and how to pick one that’s right for your home.

  1. Ease of maneuverability – Although Dyson is popular for its compact, lightweight and easily portable vacuums, Dyson Ball Technology makes maneuverability even easier. The technology basically includes a round glass-reinforced Polypropylene ball at the base of the vacuum for better maneuverability. The ball is made of Polypropylene for durability and resistance to wear, tear and distortion. Just like the Swivel head, ball technology makes it easier to clean and maneuver the machine into, and around hard to reach areas. As Dyson vacuums evolved over time, engineers discovered that the ball could be a better home for the motor, thus lowering the center of gravity, and making it more stable.
  2. Weight – Even with added maneuverability of ball vacuum technology, you still want to find a machine with a weight that you’re comfortable cleaning with. Lightweight vacuums have many advantages over heavier models, especially if you have a big home, or a home with many hard-to-reach locations.
  3. Canister or upright – It is necessary to decide whether you want an upright or canister style vacuum. Upright models are best for cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting but may not work great on smooth or hard floor surfaces. On the other hand, canister vacuums work great on both types of flooring.
  4. Suction power – Suction power is by far one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing any new vacuum cleaner. The amount of suction power required varies from household to household depending on the type of flooring, and the amount of dirt that usually accumulates. Most Dyson vacuum cleaners come with their Patent Cyclone Technology, which forces dirt into the dirt cup and keeps it intact, thus preventing loss of suction due to clogged filters.
  5. Multiple floor cleaning capabilities – Depending on the type of flooring, it is best to find a cleaner that has multi-floor cleaning capabilities, like a motorized brush bar that can be easily turned off when cleaning delicate rugs or hardwood floors. There are different brush roll technologies that work differently depending on the surface that it’s used on. An example is the Turbo Brush roll found in the Dyson 39 Animal, which works best on low pile carpeting. This capability also depends on the suction power.
  6. Extras – It is advisable to buy one that comes with on-board attachments and accessories that match your cleaning needs. Attachments and accessories such as telescopic wand, soft dusting brush, combination accessory tool, multi-angle brush, stair tool, stiff bristle brush, and tangle-free turbine tool, can make cleaning different surfaces easier.

Different Flooring Solutions? No Problem!

If you’ve ever experienced having to use three to five different types of cleaners to cover all the floors in your house, that is reason enough to try the multi-floor model in this range. Tested to ensure it can handle the various floor surfaces, moving from one room to the next without having to change brushes will definitely make the job easier and more rewarding.

The self-adjusting cleaner head makes this possible without you needing to push any buttons or adjust any settings.

Doing The Job Right The First Time

The guys over at Dyson have realised that there is a high demand for time savers. There isn’t a human being on the planet who wants to spend time vacuuming and then still have to pick up tiny little bits and bobs the machine didn’t pick up.

Thankfully, we’re in luck as the mere suction power of this vacuum cleaner is making this chore a little easier to manage. The chances of walking around finding dust bunnies and stubborn pet hair, after you’ve vacuumed, should be a thing of the past.


Feel like your vacuuming session has turned into a gym session just because of the sheer weight of the vacuum cleaner is just not right. Unless, of course, that is exactly what you’re going for.

Dyson Ball vacuums are light enough to manoeuvre around the house with ease. Featuring a decent length where the cord is concerned, the total reach is about 45 feet. This is great for those open plan houses that don’t seem to have outlets in all the corners.

The following specifications are for the Multi-Floor model, which seems to be one of the popular options at the moment.

  • Weight: 17.3 lbs
  • Suction Power: 245AW
  • Bin Volume: 0.55 gallons
  • Cord Length: 30 feet

Keep An Eye Out For Other Models In This Range

Just like any fancy car or piece of equipment out there, a vacuum cleaner like this one should have a polished cousin from across the waters. In this case, it would have to be the Dyson Ball Allergy model. Those with allergies need to pay attention to this as it will affect the way they live life, forever.

Dyson has improved the suction on this model to such a degree that the dust does not stand a chance.

This model is also very finely checked and tested to ensure that no dust escapes from within the chamber, as you wouldn’t all that hard work undone.

Those who suffer from allergies know that having clean floors mean nothing if your mattress is riddled with dust. Fortunately, a mattress tool is part of the package when you sign up for one of these guys.


Dyson Ball vacuums are among the best when it comes to user friendly technologies to help make cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

Dyson strives to become the solution for all your vacuum cleaning problems, thus making their vacuums a great investment for any homeowner. Their prices however, should always be compared carefully against their features in order to make sure you’re getting only what you need.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out some of these fantastic Dyson vacuums and read what customers had to say about them.

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