Reasons to Buy a Dirt Devil Broom Vac

The redesigned Dirt Devil Broom Vacuum is one of the best electric sweepers specifically designed for hard floors. Ideal for removing dry spills such as pet hairs, and bread crumbs from hard floor surfaces, it also functions differently from a vacuum cleaner. So what makes the broom vac such an exquisite cleaning appliance?

Beautiful Design

For starters, it is an exquisitely designed work of art. World-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid is the brains behind the design, whose vibrant colors, large handle, and beautiful body give it a contemporary yet classic look.


The Dirt Devil electric sweeper is a highly versatile cleaner used on a variety of hard floor surfaces ranging from linoleum, marble, tile to even wood. Moreover, the sweeper is capable of picking up rice, cereals, dust, glass and many other types of debris.


The broom vacuum is an efficient sweeper that eliminates the need for using a conventional straw broom and dustpan. This sweeper, unlike the conventional straw broom, leaves your surface clean and devoid of dirt lines. Additionally, there is no need to bend over to pick a dust pan, when you are done sweeping.

Easy to Use

Due to it being a rechargeable broom vac, it is quite easy to use. The rechargeable battery takes 16 to 24 hours to charge. Once fully charged, it can go for hours without requiring a recharge.

The broom comes with a charger and a handle for hanging. Furthermore, it features a dirt cup, which is easy to remove and clean. The dirt cup collects all dirt particles swept by the broom and makes disposal of such particles easy.


This lightweight appliance is easy to carry around. Also, the broom is slim making it easy to store in narrow gaps predominantly found in the kitchen. The fact that it is lightweight saves you the trouble of using your cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

It is a kitchen appliance that makes work easier, effortless and also saves time. Additionally, the disadvantages are relatively fewer compared to the many benefits contemplated above.


  • It is designed to be used on hard surfaces only.
  • It is only ideal for dry spills or debris.
  • Cannot be used as a replacement of a vacuum cleaner.


Dirt Devil broom vacuums have their fair share of disadvantages, but its advantages far outweigh them. Furthermore, the broom is a highly efficient cleaning appliance when used appropriately. In this regard, it is not to be used in the same manner as a full function vacuum cleaner. The purpose of the broom vacuum cleaner is to sweep and collect small debris and dry spills from hard floor surfaces and not to clean entire floor surfaces.

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