Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum Buying Guide

Cordless handheld vacuums are usually preferred choice when it comes to buying a handheld vacuum due to the fact that they’re not limited by the length of the cord. They are, to some extent, the most versatile vacuums in the market today. All you need to do is pick it up from the charging base and clean up whatever you want, and then store it away.

There are however several important things that you should take into consideration before making your purchase. These are the factors that will help you determine whether a specific vacuum meets yours needs or not. By considering each factor carefully and analyzing it based on your own situation, you increase your chance of finding the best cordless handheld vacuum for your home.

Here are the factors to take into consideration when shopping for a new handheld cordless vacuum:

Do You Really Need a Cordless Vacuum?

Cordless vacuums are generally not as powerful as the corded ones within the same class. This doesn’t mean that cordless cleaners are any less useful though.

If you are someone who likes to spot clean regularly, or enjoys the freedom of being able to pick up a vacuum anytime without having to worry about cords, then a cordless model is perfect for you.

Here are two cases where a cordless hand vacuum might also come in handy:

  • Cleaning Pet Hair – Yes, pets are adorable members of our family. But, you’re probably also aware of how challenging it can be to clean up after them, considering the lots of litter and pet hair they leave behind on a daily basis. Having a great cordless vacuum for pet hair is a huge time saver. Just make sure you choose one with all the necessary pet accessories and brush rolls, which can be quite helpful when dealing with tougher messes. You’ll also be able to clean up all the scattered pet hair and litter on upholstery without having to drag out a full-sized pet vacuum.
  • Cleaning Car Interior – Cordless vacuums incorporate the right equipment and suction power needed to effectively clean car interiors. However, it’s inarguably necessary that you look for a cordless vacuum with a higher suction power. Keep in mind that the power of the motor doesn’t have much bearing on how powerful it is. You can usually determine a vacuum’s performance by combining its power with the kind of tools it makes use of.


The cost is something you should always consider with caution. The pricing hugely depends on the features, and the overall quality. High quality models with more functionality tend to be much more expensive (although this is not always the case).

You want to look for one that’s high quality, and capable of getting the work done, but you also don’t want to go over your budget or pay more than what it’s worth.

A high price tag doesn’t always mean it’s better, or that it’s even suitable for your situation.

Know exactly what you need the handheld vacuum for before you start looking for deals and reviews online. This will keep you from going over your budget, or buying one with all the extra bells and whistles that sound great, but not actually needed.

In fact, there are some expensive models out there that actually prove to be quite ineffective in the long run. You can usually avoid buying these ones simply by reading customer feedback reviews left by previous shoppers on large online retail sites like Amazon.


This is quite an important factor, considering that you are in the market for a convenient device. You should always check how much a specific model weighs, and pick it up yourself before purchasing it. If you are buying online, simply find an object with a similar weight and pretend to use it all over your home. The weight should feel comfortable to you during the entire duration.

A good battery powered vacuum cleaner shouldn’t weigh more than 5 pounds, as that can be too straining, especially when cleaning stuff above your eye level.

Battery Life

A long battery life should definitely be one of your prerequisites. You should look at how much you intend to clean, and how long it might take on average.

Go for the model that has a convenient battery life, lasting long enough to allow you complete the task without requiring a recharge in between.

You should also take the recharging period into consideration. There are some batteries that take a long time to recharge, while others can do it in half the time. The length of time it takes to recharge usually depends on the type of battery the handheld vacuum uses.


It’s a good idea to take note of what attachments come included with the device you plan on purchasing. Consider which attachments you really need, and whether the vacuum you’re buying has it or not. For instance, if you have tight areas in your home that’s hard to reach, you may want to consider choosing one that comes with a crevice tool.


Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are generally not as durable as other types. This makes it that much more important to look at the type of warranty that comes with your purchase. In most cases, high quality devices from reputable brands like Dyson, Eureka, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Shark, Black & Decker, etc. come with longer warranty periods.

Always make sure to check the conditions under which the warranty will be eligible in order to avoid future surprises.

Other Things to Consider

Here are some other factors worth looking into before making a purchase:

  • The dirt bag and its capacity.
  • The type of filtration used.
  • Ratings and reviews from other users.

Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal if you’re looking for something that’s small, light, and easy-to-maneuver. They are effective for quick pick-up tasks in your home and for poking into smaller spaces that might not be as easy to reach with larger vacuums.

Although there seems to be many options to choose from, by following this guide, you will know exactly what to focus on in order to pick the best cordless hand vacuum for your needs.

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