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  1. Hello, Looking for your stick vac circa maybe 10-15 yrs ago. Great thin swivel head. Long cord. Lightweight, but probably heavier than today’s stick vacs. Very powerful;. great for wooden or tile floors and low carpet. Swivel even got behind toilet.
    Used one belonging to an acquaintance and loved it. Nothing I see today compares with that slim workhorse. Would even buy rebuilt or used.
    Thank you.
    Ginny Kelleher
    Stow, Ohio

  2. Your site has helped me to re-think my next vacuum purchase. I have 2 german shepherds and 4 cats ! The german shepherds are the “hair makers” in this home. I have owned Oreck XL for years. and additional small canister vacuums (the best being a small eureka canister from 1976 !). The problem I face is having to use two different machine to accomplish the cleaning. I have hardwood and area rugs and I wind up doing too many tasks to accomplish the cleaning.
    Your review on the Miele bagged (the only way I would go) has narrowed the decision down for for to: Miele’s C3 Cat and Dog or Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog….

    Thank you for your website !


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