How to Clean Tough Grime From Your Floor

Cleaning Grime on Floor TileOver time, the floors in your home will accumulate dirt and grime. Whether you have linoleum, vinyl, stone, laminate or tile, it is important to know basic cleaning methods.

Proper maintenance will help keep your floor looking good for a long time.

Take note, professional cleaning is also advised for areas that require special cleaning methods, such as, carpeted floors.

Choose The Right Cleaning Tools

Floor cleaning should never be a once-a-month project. In fact, professional cleaners advise that sweeping or vacuuming should be done at least daily. Habitual cleaning will help remove dirt, dust, food crumbs and small debris that may accumulate on the floor. Keep cleaning materials at hand for easy cleaning. Some of the things you should have in your home are:

  1. All Purpose Broom
  2. Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Dustpan
  4. Mop Bucket
  5. Mop
  6. Mopping Solution for specific floor type
  7. Polishing Solution
  8. Latex Free Gloves

If you wish to avoid chemical based products for cleaning your floors, you can easily mix your own solution. Mix equal parts of warm water and vinegar to efficiently clean the stains. Baking soda with water is also a great cleaning combo.

Basic Cleaning Techniques

It is best to avoid grime from accumulating in the first place. As a homeowner, you will be able to prevent the need for heavy cleaning by employing simple cleaning habits. Avoid floor stains by cleaning up promptly. Anything (yes, even water) that sits for a long period of time on your floor will cause stains. Spills should be removed immediately using a clean, dry mop. In cases when stain does develop, mop the floor using warm water or steam. You can also achieve shiny floors using a damp dusting cloth after mopping.

Deep Cleaning Methods

Start by sweeping the floor to remove loose dirt and debris. Mop the floor with a warm vinegar and water solution to remove stains or stubborn grime. If you feel that the floor is still dirty after doing this, you may use a mixture of water and mild detergent. Rinse the floor once you’re done with mopping. Never leave the floor wet since it will encourage accumulation of dust.

Simple Tips To Remember

It is vital to know what cleaning materials should be used for the kind of floor that you have. Some agents, even those natural ones can damage if it is not compatible with the floor type.

  • Avoid using vinegar on marble flooring. Vinegar is too acidic for marble floors.
  • Never use sponge mops to clean ceramic tile floors. Ceramic tile floors can be cleaned easily with warm water and a soft rug. Sponges may pull the dirt right back into the tile grout.
  • Hardwood flooring can easily be cleaned using warm water and tea bags. The tannic acid content in tea gives hardwood flooring a good shine.
  • Cement floors (like the one in your garage) are usually a big challenge to clean. Your cement floor will be a lot easier to maintain if you seal it with paint. If this is not possible, regularly sweep your floor and use water and detergent to remove grime.
  • WD-40 is also a great cleaning agent for wood floors. Spray some and wipe for a soft shine finish.

Removing grime from your floor is easy as long as you know the basic rules of cleaning. Different floor types will require different cleaning materials, but the process is the same, sweep, vacuum and mop. Maintenance will keep your floor looking great for a long time.

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