The Main Advantages of Cleaning Floors With Microfiber

Microfiber ClothMicrofiber cloths are manufactured through chemical splitting of small polyamide and polyester fibers into more fine and even fibers. They offer superior cleaning compared to other traditional cotton mops. This cleaning technology has gained serious momentum throughout the world and stands out among the most remarkable innovations in the entire cleaning industry. Microfiber products are commonly used in many places.

They are designed in such a way that they clean even on a microscopic scale. Microscopic splitting of certain materials is done when they are manufactured resulting into a surface area that is more than 15 times that of other cleaning materials. Below are the main advantages of cleaning floors with microfiber.


Using microfiber products is a great choice since they allow for chemical-free cleaning. The cross-sections that are already split are able to catch dirt and any other particles without needing chemicals. They are certain to leave your surfaces free of all unwanted materials.

Almost all regular cloths will require the use of some chemicals to assist in the cleaning process. Such chemicals can be harmful to you, and other people, in the long run.

Improved Hygiene

Proper cleaning is the only essence to complete hygiene. Microfiber products guarantee you a superior level of cleaning and hygiene. They are recommended by professionals in the related fields.

Traditional products remove only a small percentage of bacteria, while microfiber has the capability of eliminating all kinds of germs. As the fibers in these products rub together, a static charge is created thus increasing the ability to attract most dirt into its crevices. Due to this well-known fact, microfiber products are now popularly referred to as “dirt magnets”.

Efficiency and Time-effectiveness

Microfiber cloths, dusters and mops are usually light and ergonomic. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent in particular cleaning tasks. Given that they’re quite light, you’ll be able to maneuver the room quite quickly and with ease. This in turn boosts the efficiency of such products by increasing their overall productivity.


Microfiber helps in preserving interior finishes. High quality microfiber products won’t scratch your surfaces as long as you ensure that they are well-rinsed and grit-free. Microfiber will pick up debris instead of pushing it, hence the dirt particles won’t have any opportunity of leaving scratches on your floor.


Microfiber mops barely require any water. In fact, you’ll find that a single rinse of your mop is enough for every room. You may opt to easily do this at the sink, eliminating the burden of having to drag around a bucket of water for regular rinsing.


Microfiber products can be used for both wet mopping and dry dusting. You can still use the same pad for the whole cleaning process. After dry mopping your floor, you can simply disconnect the pad to rinse it in warm water, then re-attach to wet mop.

Your family members, customers, business and the environment can benefit from making use of microfiber cloths. It will also be much more effective on your part, saving you from any health risks and improving your hygiene. Microfiber is an excellent choice for cleaning, especially for laminate flooring.

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