Best Ways to Clean Your Floors Without Chemicals

Cleaning Floors Naturally Without Chemicals

Just like most people out there, a dirty house completely petrifies me. This became even worse after having my first born. I couldn’t stand germs so I went and bought what seemed like the most powerful cleaner in the supermarket.

Unfortunately, my newborn baby had bad sneezing and blockage reaction to its strong smell and I had to find an alternative.

My search for better options led me to natural or chemical free cleaners that have no smell but clean great and kill germs.

The good news is that most of those safe cleaning products were already in my house. For others who might be in the situation that I was in, here are the best ways to clean your floors without chemicals:

Types of Floors

It’s very important to know the kind of floors you have in your home. Different rooms have different floor types. Most bathrooms and kitchens have tile, while living areas tend to have hardwood, vinyl, or carpeting.

Chemical Free Cleaning Products

  • White vinegar – cleans wooden, vinyl, laminate and tiles like magic and leaves no smell. I add lemon juice on mine so the results will be better and vinegar smell will disappear completely.
  • Baking soda – a thick paste of baking soda and water works great to remove mildew stains on bathroom tiles.
  • Dish soap – mixed with warm water, it leaves hardwood and tiled floors sparkling. Make sure to clean and dry thoroughly afterwards.
  • Borax – best for tiles especially disinfecting bathrooms and toilet floors.
  • Washing soda – works best for painted wood if mixed with hot or warm water.
  • Chemical-free all purpose cleaners – these are the ones you can find at the stores. You must check for the ingredients used to make them before buying. They are called all purpose because they are safe to use on most things.

Best Floor Practices

In order to maintain beautiful and pleasant floors, you need to adhere to a few guidelines:

  1. Never use the wrong product for the wrong floor type. This will destroy the floor and make it dull.
  2. Floors must be polished to look shiny and attractive. I do this every day by adding drops of olive oil or baby oil in the washing water.
  3. Have a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule. Everyone including my youngest child knows better than to enter my house with shoes. This keeps dirt out, and hence less cleaning is required.
  4. Have a door mat for people to wipe their feet before entering. The mat also prevents the wind from blowing soil particles inside.
  5. Avoid scrubbing and scouring the floors in order to retain the sheen.
  6. Clean every day. Whether it’s mopping, wiping with a rug, or vacuuming; cleaning should be done daily to ensure dust doesn’t accumulate.


Cleaning without harsh chemicals requires a bit of extra effort. A little more effort on wiping and scrubbing to remove tough stains is required.

For starters, most of the chemical free products listed above work better if used with warm or hot water. All said and done, the result is a home that’s clean, smells fresh, and no one gets irritated.

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