How to Get a Clean Floor Without All The Dirty Work

Cleaning With Microfiber

Clean floors are on everyone’s wish list. Even those who like clutter, can still enjoy a clean shiny floor to put their clutter on, right?

Well, getting a floor clean and keeping it that way takes work. It doesn’t have to be dirty work, though (unless you’re Mike Rowe or any of the folks on his show).

Here are a few ways to avoid the dirty work but still get your floors clean:

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

You’ve probably seen these or heard of them by now. They look like small circular discs, about three inches high and around one foot in diameter.

They don’t look much like vacuum cleaners, but they are a good option to get your floor clean without much work.

First developed at the MIT in Boston, they are based on unmanned vehicle technology used in the military (Cool stuff!).  Since then, others have also come up with versions of robotic cleaners.

The best thing about a robotic vacuums is that they clean their own. All you have to do is press some buttons or program in a time to clean when you are away.

Well, not quite… do have to get some stuff out of the way if you want it to clean everywhere.

Because it makes its way around using a sensor, it will avoid places which are blocked, like under a bed if there are sheets hanging off blocking its path.

Also, it will not clean under a couch if there isn’t enough room for it to get in (it needs space a bit larger than its size).

It has a small cup to store the dirt, which you need to clean out (some models can empty the dirt on its own too!). Overall, it gets floors clean without much work from you, which is the big selling point.

If you don’t mind some physical work but are bothered with the ‘dirt’ part of it, a bagged vacuum cleaner is your next best option. Using one regularly will keep your floors clean without you having to get down and dirty. The bags can simply be disposed of without ever making contact with the dirt.

Microfiber Cleaners

Microfiber cleaners are less messy and more convenient than other types of brooms and mops.

These microfiber cloths are synthetic, and usually made of polyester and other types of polymers. They are made to contain millions of tiny fibers sticking out (as opposed to natural cloth).

The tiny fibers do the ‘clean’ cleaning job, because they can get into all kinds of little gaps in surfaces, and dust/dirt stick to them tightly.

After you’re done, all you do is wash them and reuse, then throw them away when they can’t be cleaned anymore.

It’s a quick way to clean without needing any chemicals. You’ll usually be able to find them with convenient handles and attachments so they’re easy on your knees and back too.

Maid or Commercial Cleaning Services

I would guess that few of us have tried this option except in an emergency. It might help to know the details anyway, since this is the best option for cleaning without the dirty work – getting someone else to do it.

Cleaning services charge by time, or area cleaned, like square feet. Hourly prices range between $20 and $40 an hour, mostly depending on where you live.

The bill for a single cleaning session is likely to be between $50 and $150, depending on how much cleaning needs to be done. You can expect thorough cleaning though, just make sure you have the budget for it so you’re not feeling it later.


How cool would it be if floors never got dirty? Well, in the real world, that’s never going to be the case. But, here are some tips to help prevent dirt from building up to the point of unbearable:

  • Use doormats and rugs at doorways. This reduces sources of dust, dirt and grime from coming in.
  • Reduce clutter so there is less accumulation of dirt where you can’t reach it easily.
  • Try and clean regularly, so the job is easier and less dirty each time. Click here to read about the benefits of vacuuming regularly.
  • Food crumbs are a major source for bugs which lead to more dirt, so try and eat only in specific areas and clean up after.

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