Hardwood Floor

Is it Safe to Vacuum a Hardwood With a Vacuum Designed For Carpeting?

A Modern Day Myth? There has long been a cleaning standard that says we should avoid cleaning our hardwood floors with vacuums because of potential damage to the flooring. Way back when vacuums were first being introduced, and designed specifically for carpets, this was a good rule

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Tips and Tricks For Installing Laminate Flooring

Using laminate flooring is one of the most common trends in house renovations today. Laminate flooring materials were introduced to the US market in the early 1990s, and since then, the demand of this material has grown exponentially. There are numerous reasons why more and more homeowners

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Best Way to Deep Clean Wood Floors

You love your hard wood floors, and surface clean them frequently. However, you also need to deep clean them once every two months or so if you want them to look clean and shiny. Let us look into how to go about deep cleaning your hard wood

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How to Clean Untreated Wooden Floorboards

While most wood floors seen in houses today are finished with some sort of polyurethane, sealing, etc., there’s a dilemma faced by those who have floors that are not finished at all. Communities of wood workers, floor finishers, and general around-the-house handymen take a collective gasp at

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Hardwood Floor Daily Care Tips

Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold in any home or building. In order to protect the beauty of the floors and extend its life, there are specific things that you should keep in mind for its daily care and maintenance. Keep it Clean Sweep your hardwood

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Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which is Better?

Deciding on the type of flooring is a big decision for most people building a house or moving into one. After all, the floor is everywhere and it determines appearance in a big way. At first look, the floor is what stands out. It also strongly influences

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Best Way to Clean And Restore Your Hardwood Floors Organically

Hardwood floors are a real pleasure. Clean and shiny ones are even better. While there are commercially available chemical cleaners out there, if you are looking for simple, completely natural and organic ways of cleaning and restoring your precious hardwood, there’s some good news for you. The

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Why I Choose a Hardwood Floor Mop to Clean My Floor

As a career woman with strong-willed kids, I often question my husband’s decision to install hardwood floors on our conjugal home. Yes, it looks gorgeous on pictures, but maintaining it takes a lot of time and work, time that could be better spent sprawled on the couch

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Natural Ingredients

Your hardwood floors are a beautiful accent to your home. They give the space a warmth and compassion that makes everyone who enters feel alive. But, when they get worn and weathered, you want the same natural, Earth-friendly feel to your cleaning ingredients. Thankfully, there are many

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