Hardwood Floor

How to Prevent Your Hardwood Floor From Fading

Fading over time is a problem which can affect all hardwood floors. No matter how often you clean your floors, the possibility of it fading exists. While it is hard to prevent, it can be reversed. Throughout this article we are going to go over methods of

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Top 10 Healthy Ways to Clean Your Wood Floors at Home

Wood floors have a rare flourish that enhances the stylish appeal of your house in the most spectacular ways. However, you can only hope to maintain the lovely aesthetics of the floors by cleaning them regularly using the recommended items and techniques. Proper cleaning can greatly enhance

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Is It A Good Idea to Steam Clean Hardwood Floors?

Like so many people nowadays, I pride myself on the simple yet elegant hardwood floors I have in my home. While hardwood floors are remarkably expensive, attractive and add abundant style, class and elegance to the home, they are incredibly delicate and require very specific maintenance and

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Water-based versus Oil-based Polishes for Wood Floors

Maybe the wood floors in your home aren’t looking as good as they once did. Perhaps you have talked with a sibling, spouse, friend or handyman about your floors, and you decide that polishing it might be the best idea. Will you choose a water-based polish or

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Best Way to Clean and Maintain Hardwood Floors

Properly cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors will provide you with a lifetime of beautiful flooring. But, what’s the best way to keep them well maintained? Here are some tips that will help you accomplish the task. Mats Have internal and exterior mats at every entry door. This

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How to Install Hardwood Floors Properly

Hardwood Floors are not extremely difficult to install. However, being knowledgeable in the usage of power tools and a clear understanding of the complexities of wood floor installations can save you quite a bit of grief. A handy do-it yourselfer can install a pre-finished floor in a

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Water and Vinegar Solution for Cleaning Wood Floors

If you’ve ever worked in a service-related or general labor-kind of job, you know the appeal of a good ol’ water ‘n’ vinegar concoction when it comes time to clean the floors. Especially in those environments where large square footage is covered by hard surface like tile…

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Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

A shiny and sparkling hardwood floor is able to bring classy elegance in any room. It is a great investment since it is long lasting and yet quite appealing. Any homeowner with hardwood floors in their home will have to consider refinishing it at some point. Heavy

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How to Get Small Scratches Out of Hardwood Floors

Although hardwood floors are extremely durable, they still tend to exhibit some signs of wear and tear as time progresses. Small scratches on hardwood floors can be causes by virtually anything including: Dog claws. Movement of appliances and furniture. High heel shoes. Small bits of dirt and

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Tips For Restoring Shine to Laminated Wood Floors

While laminate wood floors might not be solid wood, they are actually designed for durability, and to look just like solid wood without the hefty price tag. The process of layering materials and fusing them with laminate, creates a genuine wood grain appearance. Laminate flooring is specially

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