Floor Cleaner

Orbital Floor Cleaning Machines

When envisioning orbital floor cleaning machines in action, a large industrial walk-behind unit that polishes the tile hallways and floors of immense office buildings usually comes to mind. However, there are also smaller units designed to be used inside a home to keep its various floors looking

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What is a Homemade Enzymatic Cleaner?

What is an Enzymatic Cleaner? An enzymatic cleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agent. An enzyme is a substance that has been produced by a living organism so most enzyme cleaners are made using citrus or other types of fruit. These effective cleaners use enzymes to speed

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Products And Why I Love Them

If the thought of wetting your carpet bothers you, welcome to my world! You might also be wondering if powders, sprinkle cleaners, sprays and other such products work well, especially for wet stains like food or wine. Perhaps you’re worried about whether these “dry” solutions are safe

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Why Families Love Carpet Cleaning Powder

While there are many methods of cleaning carpets, a growing number of families are choosing carpet cleaning powder as their method of choice. My family is one of those. What is it? In contrast to traditional methods, where hot soapy water is injected and then extracted via

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Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner Review

Bona, a cleaning company completely committed to looking after the home, has added a range of consumer products to its arsenal since its establishment in 1919. As a specialist in wood care, they cater many of these products for hardwood floors. The Benefits That being said, no

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