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Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Tile is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Easy-to-clean, tile doesn’t absorb spills like carpet does, and you don’t have to worry about water, food or drinks damaging your flooring. When trying to choose which tile type to choose, you’ll come across two main options: porcelain

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Everything You Need to Know About Hypoallergenic Carpets

Carpet has a bad habit of collecting dust, dander and pollen. And just like the nerdy kid who won’t give up his stamp collection, it can be a serious challenge to remove all of these allergy-triggers from your floors. The problem is so bad, serious allergy and

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How to Clean Salt Residue Off Your Floors

Living in a cold country, or any place with abundant snow, teaches you that salt (Calcium Chloride) is a lifesaver when it comes to outdoor ice. However, the only time you should find salt on the ground is if it is outside your home. Inside, salt can

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How to Prevent Your Hardwood Floor From Fading

Fading over time is a problem which can affect all hardwood floors. No matter how often you clean your floors, the possibility of it fading exists. While it is hard to prevent, it can be reversed. Throughout this article we are going to go over methods of

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Best Way to Remove Old Carpet Glue From Your Floor

Many homeowners seem to be clueless when the time comes to remove the ugly old carpet glue stains from their floors. Stubborn glue patches will always diminish the beauty of the floor and devalue the overall facade of your home. Whether your floor is made of wood,

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Fun Facts About Mops: What Does Yours Say?

Since their invention, mops have transformed from the simple and timid designs of the past to the ultramodern types that feature somewhat bold and aggressive cleaning enhancements. Most descriptions about mops are usually limited to their utility value. However, there is a lot your mop reveals about

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How to Remove Floor Tile Adhesive From Concrete Floors

It wont be exaggerating if we say that removing floor tile adhesive from a concrete floor is a sticky ordeal for most DIYers. You will struggle to get the adhesive off, because concrete is a harsh surface. The mastic will get rock hard if left for some

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Backpack Vacuum vs Upright: Which One’s Right For You?

The backpack and upright vacuums are among the several types of vacuum cleaners from which you can choose. In order to determine which of these two is right for you, you need to assess and understand the environment that you want to clean. Some of the key

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How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner that Smells Bad

It would be absurd to expect your vacuum cleaner to suck up all manner of dirt and still retain a fresh smell without any maintenance. Residues of dirt, debris, and filth that your vacuum picks up often rot within the unit resulting in the disagreeable smell that

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How to Clean a Clogged Vacuum Cleaner Hose

While vacuuming, you might notice a worrying decline in the functional efficiency of your machine. If the machine has not suffered any mechanical damage, then the most probable explanation for its low performance is the clogging of the vacuum cleaner hose. It’s natural for your cleaner’s hose

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