Choosing The Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

Lifting dirt, pet hair and allergens off carpets is a tedious process. Ordinary vacuums are not up to the task of protecting them.

Many of us turn to steam cleaning our carpets in order to get rid of dirt that is otherwise difficult to remove.

Steam cleaners are also viable alternatives to professional carpet cleaning.

How, then, do we choose one that fits our needs?

Reasons to Buy

We begin by assessing the benefits of these wonderful machines.

The relatively high cost of these machines often deter us from seeing all of their wonderful benefits. Here are reasons why having a ready-to-use carpet steam cleaner is beneficial:

  1. It lifts stains off carpets completely –  Firstly, it rids your carpet of stubborn stains. It removes oil and other stains that vacuum cleaners aren’t able to completely remove.
  2. They remove allergens and dust mites effectively – Aside from its stain removal capabilities, they are essential for those who suffer from dust allergies. Dust mites are crafty. These unwanted, microscopic creatures enjoy hiding between the fibers of your carpet, and proper steam cleaning is necessary for weeding these nasty fellows out.
  3. They prolong carpet life – Steam cleaning your carpet regularly allows you to keep it for a longer time. It restores and maintains the carpet’s original luster.
  4. They cost less than professional cleaning –  Another great reason why these machines are brilliant household additions, is that they provide many of the benefits associated with professional carpet cleaning services, but at a much more cost effective price.

A steam cleaner also cuts costs because you end up needing fewer cleaning supplies. The initial investment can be a bit high, but it is worth the money over time.

Making Your Choice

Having outlined the reasons why you need a steam cleaner, here are a few pointers for choosing a suitable one.

  1. Electrical power – To start, choose a dynamic cleaner. Think about the electrical wattage of the cleaner and whether it is enough for your specific situation and cleaning needs. Electrical consumption affects cost. The less electricity the cleaner consumes, the better (unless cost is not a deciding factor for you).
  2. Storage capacity – The next consideration is storage capacity. Consider the size of the machine and whether your current living space can accommodate it.
  3. Weight –  Thirdly, measure the weight of the cleaner. Lift it as a test. A heavy cleaner is cumbersome and tedious and will only discourage you from using it.
  4. Water capacity – Besides the cleaner’s weight, consider its water tank capacity. Having to constantly refill the water tank as you are cleaning is not only frustrating, but also takes up unnecessary time.
  5. Condensation – Think about condensation as well. Some cleaners release too much steam, leaving excess water on the tanks that you need to clean off. Carefully read the product specifications and customer reviews before diving forward. Find a cleaner that stops releasing steam when you turn off the power.
  6. Durability – Condensation aside, always try to find a durable machine. Manufacturers engineered effective ones to last. Consider the cleaner holistically. Quality, stainless steel boiler tank material is important. Lasting housing and quality attachments are other, necessary considerations. To add, mounted heating units are usually better quality. A lasting cleaner should also come with a heavy-duty wiring gauge.
  7. Heating – Always consider the cleaner’s heating capacity. Good insulation helps keeps heat within the tank. The higher the temperature of the cleaner, the drier the steam.
  8. Safety Mechanisms – Overheating is dangerous. Steam cleaners are hazardous around unsuspecting children and pets. A reliable machine should come with a range of safety features to prevent accidents.
  9. Engineering – To top all these factors, think about who designed the cleaner. Buy cleaners from manufacturers you trust.

Recommended Carpet Steam Cleaners

Those who have never installed carpeting or used steam cleaners may find the following recommendations very useful:

1. The Reliable EnviroMate E5

The first must-have cleaner is the Reliable EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaner. It comes with:

  • 58 psi steam pressure.
  • A detachable 7 foot steam hose.
  • A 13 piece accessory kit and.
  • Another bonus seven-piece accessory kit.
  • Enviromate’s Continuous Steam System.
  • A child-proof locking mechanism.

The 58 psi steam pressure of this cleaning tool provides consistent pressure. The attachments are handy and durable. With an extra accessory kit, this machine is value for money.

The Continuous Steam System enables you to refill the water tank without turning the machine off. It is an alternative to using harsh chemicals. The child-proof mechanisms prevent scalding, a feature that satisfies customers.

If you are looking for a safe, durable machine that cleans your carpet thoroughly, this is the one for you.

2. BISSELL Big Green Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner

The next cleaner is the BISSELL Big Green, which includes:

  • Rotating Dirtlifter Power Brushes.
  • Large Capacity Clean and Dirty Tanks.
  • A long-reach hose.
  • A Flow Indicator.

The rotating Dirtfiller brushes and the long-reach hose cleans your carpet thoroughly, and the large capacity tanks do not need constant emptying.

A boon is the flow indicator that monitors water and solution levels. You know exactly when the tank needs refilling. This can be done with ease.

Customers find the long suction hose very useful. To add, they do not need to constantly plug and unplug the long power cord.

A disadvantage of this cleaner is that it takes up a lot of space. The large capacity tanks, though useful, are huge.

If you are looking for a thorough cleaner, however, then look no further.

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3. Vapamore MR-100 Primo

This last recommended, and reliable steam cleaner comes with:

  • A steam gun with a rubber grip.
  • A scraper attachment.
  • A floor-cleaning head.
  • ETL certification.
  • A lifetime warranty.

With its ability to clean completely, it’s no wonder that it was one of Consumer Digest Magazine’s top choices. It cleans thoroughly, with no chemicals.

The steam gun with a rubber grip guarantees accurate cleaning of tiles and carpets. In addition, a scraper attachment removes paper and dirt off walls.

An ETL certification mark from Intertek Testing Services guarantees high safety standards.

The disadvantage of this cleaner, according to customers, is that it does not have the water tank capacity to clean large areas of your carpet.

If your home has many carpeted areas, this cleaner might not be the ideal one for you.

A steam cleaner is a long-term household investment that requires careful consideration, so make sure you do your research and examine customer reviews as thoroughly as you can before making your purchasing decision.

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