Looking For The Best Car Vacuum to Buy?

Today, most car vacuum cleaners feature trendy colors and sleek shapes that turn them into fashion statements but experience has taught me that when it comes to cleaning, beauty should be an added advantage. You should not make a decision to buy a cleaner because it has your favorite color or because it has a standout design but because it is the best car vacuum for your budget and cleaning tasks.

I have seen a few of my friends get excited about a cleaner in a store but regret their buying decision immediately they start cleaning their car, which is the reason why I decided to write this guide. The things that you should give preference include the type and features of the cleaner.

Types of Car Vacuums

Do you need a dry or wet cleaner or one that offers both functionalities? A dry vacuum cleaner will only get rid of the dry stuff while a wet cleaner will enable you to clean liquids and dry stuff. My advice is that if you can afford it, you should purchase a machine that offers both wet and dry cleaning for efficiency.

Handheld vacuums are usually the preferred style of vacuum cleaner for car interiors. Whether you choose a handheld or not, you will still need to decide on whether to buy a cordless vacuum or not. Cordless vacuums will have batteries that will need to be recharged each time after use, but it will have the convenience of no cord. Both have their advantages and limitations. Portable vacuums allow you to carry it and use it anywhere you like while a corded machine can only be used in place with an external source of power.

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Features to Consider


You should note that different cleaners have different suction power. A more powerful cleaner will be better at cleaning in general. Corded machines tend to be more powerful than cordless ones Therefore, if you would like to use your cleaner in other tasks such as cleaning garage floor, I would advise you to look for one that has adequate suction power.

Battery Life and Cord Length

If you choose a cordless cleaner, you should take into account the battery life. The battery should be powerful enough to allow you finish your car cleaning without any interruptions. It should also have functional charging indicators to let you know when the battery is full or when it is about to die. If you choose a corded vacuum, you must factor the length of charging cable. It should be long enough to allow you clean easily without affecting your maneuverability.

Size and Passengers

You should note that cars do not have similar interior make and size. Bigger cars will need a more powerful cleaner for quick cleaning. Furthermore, if you have children that often sit in your car, you should find one with a larger dirt capacity as children tend to leave you more things to clean.


My experience has taught me that while having a powerful vacuum is important, it should not affect your cleaning experience. You should understand that even when your cleaner is highly powerful, if it cannot reach certain areas of your car, it is not effective. The ideal cleaner should have a good reach and an ergonomic design that ensures comfortable cleaning.

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