Should You Buy or Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Many people occasionally find themselves in the dilemma of whether to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine.

In my situation, I found that there were many benefits of buying a cleaner, and too many drawbacks associated with renting.

Your carpets need to be cleaned regularly to avoid developing bad smells. Similarly, if you have pets, they may leave their fur on the carpet, creating the likelihood of allergies to humans. If not cleaned fast, the stains will become tough and hard to clean.

How Fast do Your Carpets Get Dirty?

If you do not need to clean carpets regularly, you can consider renting a carpet shampooer instead of buying one. For example, if you are a bachelor or you live alone, your carpet should naturally remain cleaner for longer periods of time due to less foot traffic.

I used to rent machines to clean my carpet. I considered renting a cleaner for my home carpet a favorable option. This is because the machines were quite expensive. However, I realized that the cumulative cost of hiring was greater than simply investing in a good cleaning machine.

After doing my homework, I decided to buy one to call my own. Although it was pricey, I started enjoying the task of cleaning my carpet at any day or night. This way, I relish the convenience of cleaning at my own pace.

Disadvantages of Renting

Here are some more disadvantages of renting carpet cleaning machines:

  • The renters may not maintain their machine appropriately.
  • You may not get the machine model of your preference.
  • Rented machine are shared with many other people.

When you rent a cleaning machine, and indeed many other machine, you have to rush to beat the 24-hour time limit usually given. Otherwise, you will pay additional charges. At the same time, should the rented cleaner be ruined while in your hands, you bear the responsibility of repairing or replacing it.

Where to Buy

You can buy a home carpet cleaner from a local department store or supermarket. This way, you save on shipping and delivery costs. In fact, I had my carpet-cleaning machine delivered to my house by my local dealer at no extra cost.

As you buy one, you will take advantage of occasional offers and promotions. For example, look out for dealers giving free cleaning detergents for each purchase. Similarly, most dealers have attractive guarantees where they repair your machine for free should it develop faults.


If you choose the renting option, you will usually bear the cost of transporting it from the dealer to your house and back. Essentially, you will have to fuel your car, or rent somebody’s vehicle. Evidently, these are costs to be avoided if you buy your own.

As the machine is considerably heavy, loading it onto a vehicle for transportation, and then offloading it at home is itself an effort. Then you have to repeat the process all over again when returning it. This inconvenience is aggravated when you live in a high-rise house of an apartment building.


I used to hate the paperwork involved in procuring a rented machine. As I consider it unnecessary bureaucracy, I have decided to buy my own lawnmower as well. This way, I will never have to go through the daunting procedures of renting machines again. This article is just based on my personal experience and the conclusion that I derived from it. Take it for what it is and come up with your own reasons whether you want to rent, or simply buy a machine that you can use for years to come.

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