Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner Review

Bona, a cleaning company completely committed to looking after the home, has added a range of consumer products to its arsenal since its establishment in 1919. As a specialist in wood care, they cater many of these products for hardwood floors.

The Benefits

That being said, no product is perfect. There are always pros and cons for every cleaning product.

  • It is highly recommended by professionals – The first benefit of this cleaner is that it’s already recommended by many professional contractors. Like Bona’s other products, the Laminate Floor Cleaner is usable on floors at home as well as commercial floors that receive very high traffic. It is safe for daily and heavy-duty use. Many contractors recommend that homeowners use this cleaner after installing laminate floors.
  • It is non-toxic – Besides the professional recommendations, this product does not contain toxic chemicals. Those allergic to cleaning agents need not fear inhaling them.
  • It is environmentally friendly – Bona shows its devotion to environmental care by introducing products that do little damage to the environment. Bona’s products are Greenguard certified to guarantee interior air quality. The chemicals used do not pollute the air.
  • It is easy to apply – Application of this non-hazardous product is effortless. A demonstration on The Floor Barn’s Youtube Video reveals how easy it is to use. You do not need to spray much for satisfactory results. Use a little to revive your laminated floor. Hasten the cleaning process with Bona’s Hardwood Floor Mop. Though designed for use on wood surfaces, it is usable on laminates and tiles. The dynamism is greater still with Bona’s easily replaceable application pads.
  • Quick drying – Another boon of this product is that it dries quickly. A customer who previously used vinegar and water to clean her floors revealed that the mixture dries slower than Bona’s Laminate Cleaner.
  • It is versatile – The last advantage of this cleaner is its versatility. It is usable with all floor polishes. For the greatest effect, however, use it with Bona’s Tile and Laminate Polish.

The Drawbacks

  • It is a bit expensive –  No cleaner comes without drawbacks. This cleaner retails at $21.99 on Bona’s site.
  • It can be difficult to find –  In addition, it cannot be found off-the-rack at supermarkets or hardware stores. The best place to look for it is at or on

All in all. I recommend this cleaner to those with expensive laminate or tiled floors that need more attention. If you have a higher cleaning budget, this is a complete cleaner that definitely suits your needs.

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