Are Black and Decker Handheld Vacuums Any Good?

Clean as you go. This is the advise that I often give to my married friends. It reduces regular cleaning time and keeps the clutter from piling up. I call it “quickie” clean-ups and to help me during these express runs, I keep a good handheld vacuum cleaner around. Because I use it more often than my heavy duty vacuums, I make sure that the one is the best in its class. Right now, the Black and Decker my ideal choice. My friends ask me why I like it, and here’s what I tell them:

Trusted Brand

Black and Decker is widely known as a manufacturer of hardware and power tools. Men love them because as Freud would say, it’s the extension of their, well, you know. But after playing with their tools, they would also need to clean up, so Black and Decker figured that they might as well invent something to help their customers. Thus was born Spot Vac in 1974, mostly used by men to pick up dust and dirt in their workbench. Their wives borrowed them for minor spills in the kitchen. B & D found a new niche, and today it uses the technology for power tools for their vacuum cleaners.

Powerful Motor

Men are the primary market of B&D products. So it makes sense that it would make products that would appeal to men, and they love power more than anything else. Their handheld vacuums are no different.

While women are the primary users, still they are built for heavy duty cleaning. Their cordless vacuums can pick up bigger pieces of dirt. This is especially useful when my sons track in dirt from the park. My B&D makes quick work of the sand that the boys bring in.

Crevice Tool

For those of you who use a handheld to clean the car, you will love the crevice tools that come with it. It’s longer than the other cordless models from different brands. It can reach between the seats and under the pedals where dirt and dust like to live.

You can also use it to reach for toys (e.g. marbles) that fall in the cracks. I have two boys who play soccer, so you can imagine the dirt that they bring into the car. My B&D keeps my car squeaky clean.

Easy to Clean

The dirt bowl is removable and washable. After running the handheld, just pop it out. You can throw the dirt inside and return it or you can wash it afterwards. I usually wash it because I like to keep everything clean and ready for a quickie. When you have a home with toddlers, you need to be ready for anything.

Value For Money

B&D has several handheld models for different budgets. Although they can be a bit pricier than most cordless vacuums, they also last longer. You don’t have to change them often. I have several handheld in the house, but I keep the B&D cordless in the kitchen because this is where it is needed most. I have had my Dustbuster for years and it still works perfectly well even with constant use.

I’m not normally brand conscious. I think that consumers pay way too much for a simple name. Nonetheless, I make an exception when it comes to appliances. My years of experience has taught me that B&D is a name you can trust especially when it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners.

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