Black and Decker Car Vacuum Review

I like to think of myself as a car enthusiast, the kind of person who keeps their car spick and span. For the longest time, I was able to maintain this, well, until the toddlers came along. Suddenly, there are spills and splurges everywhere. This proved to be stressful, until a friend introduced me to a Black and Decker car vacuum.

Initially, I thought that using the normal house vacuum to clean the car floor would work just as well. Once I purchased a Black and Decker DustBuster, I changed my mind, for reasons I share below:

  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Ease of Charging
  • Accessories and Extras


Just as is the case with choosing a vacuum cleaner for your household, it is important to consider the performance. The DustBuster models are designed to exhibit cyclonic action that partitions dirt and debris from the filter, in effect ensuring constant suction power that makes cleaning quick and easy.

Multiple action filtration also allows for effective cleaning by ensuring that dirt and debris collected is passed through several stages of filtration. It also has a clear window through which you can keep track of when the dirt bowl needs to be emptied. The sheer convenience of this performance cannot be underestimated.


A car vacuum, by nature of its function, needs to be portable. One thing I love about my new cleaner is that it is easy to carry around. Additionally, the long and flexible cords allow you greater freedom to clean even the smallest of places (and with cars, you know those are many places).

Ease of Charging

You want a car cleaner that is both easy to carry and easy to charge, both features that are offered by the DustBuster series. This easy-to-charge appliance makes use of the 12V DC, pretty much what you would use to charge your cigarette lighter.

Accessories and Extras

The DustBuster comes with a host of accessories designed to make car cleaning both effective and enjoyable. This include a lengthy cable, a flexible hose, an elongated noozle as well as a long gadget designed to clean cracks and crevices.

Storing all these accessories can be a nightmare especially if you have a small car. Luckily, the manufacturers had this in mind, and therefore designed a handy storage bag to store all your accessories. There’s something alluring about a clean and tidy car.

Another reason I recommend a DustBuster as the ideal choice when it comes to buying a car vacuum, is the provision of warranty. Warranty gives me peace of mind that in the event that the unit malfunctions, it will save me additional costs in the long run. If you are looking for a convenient vacuum to clean the insides of your car, look no further than Black and Decker.

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