Why a BISSELL Upright Vacuum Might Be Perfect For You

Upright Vacuum Cleaners From BISSELLA BISSELL upright vacuum cleaner might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of new appliances to purchase for your home, but it should.

With over 138 years’ worth of experience in the vacuum industry, BISSELL has had quite some time to hone their crafts.

The face of vacuum cleaners have changed forever, as it is no longer a cumbersome appliance to drag along whilst performing a hated chore.

Why Choose An Upright?

The simple reason of not having to drag along a vacuum cleaner to get to the next room should be reason enough.

Although suction power is a close contender, the best rated upright vacuum cleaners are said to outperform their counterparts in this regard. They are also great for going from room to room now, as they have been modified to self-adjust or be adjusted manually, depending on the different models.

The dust bag or dust collection canister may be a bit smaller in the upright models, however, regularly cleaning the bag or chamber is a lot more hygienic.


The BISSELL Powerforce 300 is a fairly light model in comparison to the rest, however, does not shirk on the cleaning capacity. Relying on 5 height settings, gliding from one room to the next is no longer an issue. Although it does not specialise in pet hair pickups, it does a fairly reasonable should the odd pet or two come for a visit.

The MultiReach™ Ion 18V Cordless Cleaner is perfect for those rooms where the power outlet is always occupied or where the cable just can’t reach. Featuring an 18V Li-Ion rechargeable battery, the run-time is a cool 30 minutes, affording enough time to get the job done.

Something Special

A little touch of nostalgia will have us all remembering the BISSELL Floors & More Model with the Febreze Filter. Considered as one of the most sophisticated vacuum cleaners, shoppers went to their supermarkets in droves to purchase their models. Vacuuming did turn out to be a bit more costly, but it sure smelled nice.

Of late, BISSELL has a great range of specialised uprights that will take care of pet hair with no hassle at all, thanks to the cleverly designed brushes.

The Powerlifter™ Pet and the Powertrack™ Pet are both great performers of their tasks. Also keep an eye out for the Vac & Steam, which is said to be great on carpets and couches alike.

The Final Word

There are many reasons why a BISSELL Upright might be perfect for your home. Setting aside the fact that they’ve been around since Adam and Eve, there is a certain amount of trust and reliability when purchasing a BISSELL vacuum cleaner.

These vacuums are designed to perform well and with incredible suction power and a range of vacuum cleaners to suit every need and pocket, BISSELL comes to the table with a decent value proposition. Parts are easily accessible and their customer service division is known to put their customers first. Also, a great design ensures that it’s not just another ugly appliance standing around.

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