What to Consider Before Buying a BISSELL Stick Vacuum

The BISSELL brand of vacuum cleaners has enjoyed much success with their upright and canister models. Can the same be said about a BISSELL stick vacuum though?

By having a look at what the stick vacuums are capable of, you will be in a better position to know what to consider before buying a BISSELL.


Whether you are going with the BISSELL Aero-Vac 2-in-1 or the 2-in-1 Lift-Off, both were designed for a dual purpose. The design ensures that not only will you be able to use it as an upright cleaner, but also as a handheld. This is especially handy when you need to be able to clean multiple times a day, for instance, where there are children or pets in the household.


Easy to use and extremely lightweight, stick vacuums are great for those who struggle to do heavy lifting or for properties with many stairs. The small size also make for easy storage. Once the handheld portion of the cleaner is removed, it can be used on multiple surfaces as well, reducing the amount of dusting that needs to be done.

The various attachments make cleaning a breeze, with almost any surface within reach. Lightweight, the handheld portion will not tire you out very quickly.

Surface Compatibility

The following surfaces are ideal for the upright function:

  • Hard floor surfaces
  • Low pile carpets
  • Rugs
  • Stairs

The following surfaces are ideal for the handheld function:

  • Desks and counter tops
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses

The added pet brush makes it easy to remove pet hairs and dander off any surface. A crevice tool means that even dirty little corners can have a thorough clean.

Suction Power

Even though the stick vacuums in the BISSELL range are designed to also be used as handheld vacuums, BISSELL has not compromised on suction power. Most of their models make full use of cyclonic technology, which ensures that the dust particles are filtered properly and that they do not clog up the filters.

They do not include bags, which makes cleaning them out a lot simpler and more hygienic.Tthe filters are also washable, which makes it a great appliance to add to your collection.

Quality and Price

BISSELL’s Featherweight model cannot be excluded from the roundup as it is extremely light and easy to use. Slightly less powerful than the other models in the same range, its price is affordable even for smaller budgets (other models are also fairly priced too).

They are great to use in dormitories and small flats, taking up very little storage.


This is a great addition to the cleaning team, provided that there are no thick carpets. Small spaces and properties with only a few carpets tend to be ideal. Should you still wish to purchase one of these for the handheld vacuum function despite having thick carpets, you may want to purchase a deep clean model as well to prevent the carpets from becoming dirty and dust-filled.

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