BISSELL Steam Mop – A Mother’s Perspective

I enjoy the aura of clean living spaces; the irony is that I do not want to spend half my day on cleaning chores. This is why the discovery of the BISSELL steam mop was like a dream come true. From the name, you can easily discern that the features transcend the traditional mop by incorporating the use of steam, undoubtedly improving its cleaning capabilities.

For moms, this is a priceless combinations for reasons I will share with you. If your kids are in the toddler stage, you are all too aware of the spills and messes that characterize daily living. What better way to get rid of this than with BISSELL’s excellent ‘one-step cleaning’? Simply vacuum and steam simultaneously for convenience and efficiency.

You may be wondering what sets this steam mop apart from the conventional vacuum cleaners in the market. Well, here are a few notable points worth talking about:

  • Versatility
  • Design and features
  • Affordability


As a stay-at-home mom, I cannot overemphasize the need for reliable cleaning appliances that can shorten my chore time and allow me to spend more quality time with my children. When my husband and I first discovered this new cleaning tool, we were elated to find out that it actually vacuumed and steamed simultaneously.

Gone were the days of sweeping the kitchen and play room, then proceeding to mop them. This innovative vacuum cleaner has lifted the burden of using mops and buckets in my house, I couldn’t be happier. What’s more, the adjustable handle makes it easy for me to involve my kids in cleaning around the house (this is important for me as a mom, to inculcate responsibility in them).

You will also be excited to learn that it can clean a wide variety of floor surfaces. So, whether you have a tiled kitchen floor, linoleum or vinyl flooring, you can rest assured that it will do a superb cleaning job. Its excellent floor coverage also makes it a handy tool to have around.

Design and Features

As a homeowner, I have learned to scout for cleaning appliances by first looking at the functionality of the appliance, before analyzing the design and features. I often recommend this since it is the only way to know whether your choice appliance will meet your cleaning needs or not.

One of the steam mop’s unique features is the incorporation of a swivel head. This key feature allows you to maneuver with remarkable ease. When your household is full of crawling toddlers, you realize the sheer convenience of maneuverability and darting toys.


It is easy to think that owing to its numerous features, that it would cost a fortune. On the contrary, its remarkable affordability sets it apart from other conventional vacuum cleaners, and ensures that you get value for your money. It is easy to see why I settled for this.

As a Stay-at-home-mom, frugal is my second name. I love that this new cleaning tool affords me quick cleaning, efficiency, and overall affordability. I also didn’t want to spend all my money on a new appliance, only to have it rundown in a couple of years. This is where the warranty cover provided by BISSELL came into play and gave me the peace of mind I needed.


From a mom point of view, the BISSELL Steam Mop is a must-have accompaniment. Go ahead and get yours today!

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