Why a BISSELL Steam Cleaner is Better Than The Alternatives

Before we get started on why a BISSELL steam cleaner is the absolute best (in our opinion), let’s first talk a bit about what exactly they are, and what makes them so great.

What Are Steam Cleaners?

If you’ve ever been up watching late night infomercials on TV, you probably know the answer to this one already!

Steam cleaners are essentially cleaners that make and use steam to clean things, instead of just using a suction like vacuum cleaner machines.

They heat and boil water to produce steam, which when released, loosens the dirt on the surface, and is then removed by a scrubbing or vacuuming action, depending on the type of machine.

The basic ones contain a compartment for putting in water, and a scrubber area with mop pads, which cleans your surface when the steamed water is released. Some advanced models also have a vacuum which lifts up all the loosened dirt and delivers a double whammy. Others use very high pressure in order to really clean the tougher dirt stains.

Reasons to Choose BISSELL

Here’s why we prefer a BISSELL above all else:

  • They are affordable, lightweight and quite easy to use.
  • The cleaners have removable water tanks which you can easily fill at the sink.
  • The amount of steam released can be controlled for light vs. heavy cleaning.
  • They have convenient features such as a 5-way adjustable handle, a quick-release mop pad tray, and ‘dry tank’ technology which keeps the tank dry while you clean.
  • The cleaners are equipped with low-profile mop heads and easy scrubbers which flip down and reach down to the grout and crevices, and clean into corners and edges.
  • Fragrance discs can be inserted in the mop pad to leave surfaces smelling good.
  • Available accessories include nozzles, extension hoses, flat scraping tools, grout brushes, fabric steamers, window squeegees, angle concentrators, and detail brushes.

Main Advantages

The main advantage of using a steam cleaning machine include:

  • Affordability – They are cheaper than conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • ‘Green’ cleaning – They just use water. No chemicals are required.
  • Disinfection – They can kill all kinds of bad bugs like bacteria, mold, viruses and spores.

What to Look For

If you’re in the market for one of these magnificent cleaners, there are several brands that you will most likely come across. While you’re deciding which one to go with, the following are important things to keep in mind as they can very from brand to brand:

  • Tank capacity: This is the amount of water that the cleaner can take. This also means weight – if it can hold more water, it will weigh more when using it. The capacity can be from 0.1 to 0.5 gallons.
  • Heat-up time: The water we put in needs to boil, and this takes time. This can be from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Run-time: This is how long each tank-full will last. This can vary between 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Price: The retail prices depending on the model will usually be somewhere between $70 and $250.

The BISSELL line of steam cleaners include:

  1. Swiffer® BISSELL® STEAMBOOST™ 6639
  2. BISSELL Select 80K6C
  3. BISSELL PowerFresh® 19401
  4. BISSELL Symphony™ All-in-One 1132C
  5. BISSELL Symphony Complete™ 1132D
  6. Symphony™ all-in-one 1132U
  7. BISSELL SteamShot™ 39N7H

Top Advantages

To sum up, here are three clear advantages of choosing BISSELL:

  • They are the most affordable among other comparable products, with prices beginning under $100.
  • Their heat-up time is the shortest, and they are ready to use in under a minute.
  • Each full tank lasts for up to 15 minutes of cleaning, which is comparable to many other cleaners in its class.

BISSELL SteamShot Demonstration:

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