Why You Should Buy a BISSELL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

For a company that boasts about having cleanliness as one of its core values, shopping through vacuum cleaners from the BISSELL brand is something that I do not regret. What’s more, the company has been present for more than a century. If you appreciate superior quality and cleaning efficiency, Bissell vacuum cleaners will not disappoint you.

The team at BISSELL believes cleaning ought not be a mundane task, which is why I was more than elated to realize that clients get the option of choosing between a corded and cordless vacuum cleaner. This is an exemplary offer since different clients have different preferences. In this post, I share my thoughts with you on why the BISSELL cordless vacuum is a must-buy.

Advantages of Going Cordless With BISSELL

  • Cleaning Technology
  • Simple easy-to-use design
  • Appealing Features

Cleaning Technology

One of the features that really stands out to me, and certainly many other clients, is its innovative cleaning technology, aptly known as the EdgeReach Technology. Just as the name suggests, this technology allows you to clean edges and corners with remarkable ease, making it an excellent cleaning companion.

This technology is complimented by ample suction power and the action of side bristles, all features which add to its efficiency. I admit that this does, and has made cleaning less tedious for me; if you are a mom too with energetic toddlers, you will relate to this convenience.

Simple Easy-to-use Design

Over the years, I have come to the realization that I do not enjoy assembling and disassembling appliances. Fortunately, BISSELL cordless vacuums are easy to assemble; just connect the vacuum head to the handle and you are good to go. The handle’s frame is thin, yet sturdy enough to clean without any hustle.

There are dual attachments that make this cleaner quite versatile. This makes it easy to use as a handheld vacuum for those annoying corners. What’s more, the charging port is located on the rear end of the cleaner, an innovative feature that allows you to use it with direct power when plugged in for small areas.

Appealing Features

The handle functions as a control panel, complete with the ON/OFF button, suction power level, Brush roll activity as well as Edgereach Activation. This centralized panel makes it easy to operate and clean. In addition, you get to benefit from focal suction power that works excellently to rid dirt at the edges.

The battery life of this particular cleaner lasts just about half an hour, and slightly less when high suction power is required. Comparatively, other models range in the same amount of time. When empty, the battery takes about 4 hours to attain full capacity. There’s an LED display to show you how much battery capacity remains, eliminating those endless runs to charge it.

Other features that may impress you include affordability, its lightweight design and the fact that it is cordless (for those who, like me, are irked by the sight of tangled wires). Look out for the BISSELL’s line of cordless vacuum cleaners and reward yourself with easy cleaning!

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