BISSELL Cleanview 9595 Review

The BISSELL Cleanview 9595 is the latest upright vacuum creation from friendly home care specialist, BISSELL. The company has dedicated itself to producing quality home care appliances for over 130 years.

BISSELL CleanView 9595With the Cleanview 9595, BISSELL‘s intent was to manufacture a low-cost, maneuverable vacuum that picks up debris from carpets and floors easily.

But, what are the features of this new cleaning gem? What are its boons and drawbacks?


We begin with an overview of this functional cleaner. The Cleanview 9595 comes with a range of helpful, effective features, including:

  1. Onepass Cleaning Technology.
  2. HEPA multi-level filtration.
  3. A 25-inch cord.
  4. Cyclonic technology.
  5. A 13 1/2 inch cleaning path.
  6. 5 brush height adjustments.
  7. A rotating brush cleaning system.

BISSELL has included its patented cyclonic technology for increased suction power and a more thorough cleaning. It has added dynamic Onepass technology, a feature that allows the cleaner to pick up the most amount of dirt and debris with a single pass. The rotating brush system, that helps reach less accessible areas, makes cleaning even more complete.

With HEPA multi-filtration, BISSELL assures customers of high cleaning standards. The multi-filtration feature allows users to adjust the suction to meet their needs.

Enhancing this upright vacuum’s portability is a long 25-inch cord and five-brush-height adjustment levels. With a long cord, you can take this vacuum anywhere in the home. The adjustable height allows even small children to use it.


BISSELL definitely does not disappoint with this cleaner. As with many of their other products, it comes with clear advantages:

  1. It is affordable – To start, this cleaner is highly affordable. Vacuum users will empathize with the difficulty of finding an effective vacuum at a good price point. The BISSELL Cleanview 9595 is a complete steal and definite value for the cost.
  2. It is easy to assemble – Another boon of this keen cleaner is that it is easily assembled. Pretty much all you need is a  screwdriver to tighten the two screws on the handle.
  3. It has a nice hose length – To add, the 25-inch hose length is ideal for many homes. There is no need to constantly plug and unplug the machine, an essential advantage that’s super convenient.
  4. BISSELL Easy Empty Dirt CupIt has an easy to empty dirt cup – Another benefit of this vacuum is that the dirt cup is easily emptied. It opens from the bottom, allowing the fast clearing of dirt.
  5. It is portable – Besides having a bottom-easy dirt cup, this cleaner is extremely versatile. Many reviewers praise it for being lightweight, even though it does not swivel.
  6. It is reasonably quiet – yet another boon of this great vacuum is that it is super quiet. What pleases most customers is that it can clean without waking up sleeping toddlers.
  7. Complete cleaning – The last and most essential advantage of this cleaner is the dynamic cleaning. BISSELL’s Cyclonic and Onepass technology makes cleaning very easy and very thorough.


No matter how many advantages it has, all appliances come with a few drawbacks:

  1. The switch is at the bottom – First on the list of drawbacks is the switch. Located at the bottom of the vacuum, it can be a bit difficult to reach. One customer stated that turning the cleaner on and off was a hassle.
  2. It is not as durable as some other cleaners – Adding to this list of cons are questions about this cleaner’s durability. However, given its affordability, this is something that will need to be weighed out.
  3. The Motorized Brush does not shut off – Another drawback of this cleaner is that the motorized brush cannot be shut off. It works best on short-pile carpeting.


If you are looking for a nice budget vacuum for spot-cleaning, the BISSELL Cleanview 9595 is an excellent choice. It can easily clean dirt that is not lodged too deeply into the carpets. It is most suitable for cleaning small area rugs in the home. Though it is reasonably powerful, there are still better options when it comes to large carpets or hard floors.

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