BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 Review


BISSELL Pet Hair EraserThe BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is the device of choice when it comes to eliminating pet dander and other debris from your floors, furniture, stairs and even the interior of your vehicle.

It features a contour nozzle that adjusts to every contour on your cleaning surface, which saves you energy and time when cleaning.

Here’s a quick look at what the BISSELL 33A1 offers:.

Suction Power

Its immense cleaning capability is due to the cyclonic cleaning system of its 4 amp motor. This has placed the Pet Hair Eraser at the top of its class, given the fact that with alternative devices, you have to clean the same spot multiple times just to this powerful pet vacuum.


The performance of this vacuum on bare floors, carpets, upholstery and any other surfaces is simply impressive. This quality is made possible by the intuitive design by its manufacturer, who offer a hard nozzle attachment for hard floors and a rubber nozzle for other surfaces.


A 16-foot power cord is attached to the handheld vacuum. This cord is long enough to enable you to clean any room, from corner to corner, without difficulties. The detachable rubber nozzle, on the other hand, gives you easy access to tough-to-reach areas like the stairs, chairs and sofas.

BISSELL 33A1 Pet Hair VacuumErgonomics

Vacuuming can become an enjoyable activity when you have the right tools for the task. At 4.2 pounds in weight, an ergonomically designed handle and finger-tip access to the on and off switch, you will enjoy every moment of its use.


During the design and production phases of the cleaner, a lot of thought was given to making the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser a modern product, a fact that is evidenced by some of its features. They include:

  • Multi-layer HEPA filtration system to eliminate allergens from indoor air.
  • A filter screen to enable you check if the dirt container needs emptying.
  • Velcro cord wrap for ease of use and storage.
  • Polarized power plugs to eliminate risks of electrocution.


This pet vacuum cleaner comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which shows that it’s a quality product. The pricing is also right, given that it has more features than you can find on similar vacuums that cost the same.


The cord is a bit short for cleaning large rooms or areas that have lots of furniture. There are also a few complaints about the dirt container being a bit too small, with users saying that they have to empty them frequently whenever they are cleaning a really dirty place.


If you want to get rid off pet hairs on upholstery, car seats and stairs, easily and expeditiously, then the BISSELL 33A1 is what you need.

Its performance on hard surfaces, larger debris and hard floors may not match your expectations as you may need a larger, more powerful vacuum designed for this purpose.

It is, nonetheless, a practical tool to have around the house, especially where there are lots of pets. Definitely one of my favorites, and it seems that majority of customer feedback reports agree with me.

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