BISSELL 1132A Symphony Review

BISSELL Symphony Vacuum And Steam Mop When I told my mother that I was getting married, she panicked. Not because she thought I was too young to get hitched, but more because she thought I was not ready to be a home manager.

Unfortunately for my husband, she was kind of right – I had no idea how difficult it is to run a house until I had to do it.

Cleaning was particularly back-breaking – with vacuuming, mopping, dusting, I needed pain meds every night. So when I saw BISSELL Symphony 1132A All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, I could not help but buy it right away.

Product Overview & Features

The name says it all – it’s a vacuum cleaner and a steam mop, combined in one nifty product. You can use it 3 ways, as vacuum cleaner, as a steam mop, or both together. It’s a multi-cyclonic vacuum, meaning it separates dirt and dust from the filter. This makes it easier to clean all kinds of dirt on different types of floor. It has digital controls that’s within easy reach of your fingers.

You use the power of steam to clean, and needs no additional chemicals to function. At the same time, it’s easy to clean because it uses a try tank technology that leaves no wet mess in your hands. All you have to do is pop the canister open and empty it, then put the micro pads in the washer and it’s ready to be used again.


BISSELL Symphony 1132a All-in-oneBefore the BISSELL Symphony, I had to carry a bucket into each room, mop it with water mixed with cleaning solution, then mop it with clean water. Every now and then, I would run the vacuum, especially after a big spill. Now, all I have to do is run this 2-in-1 wonder machine and it cleans up the mess with no hassle. I can actually see the dirt dissolving, which leaves me with a feeling of satisfaction.

I use it on my wooden floors and some of my rooms with low pile carpeting. Despite its multi-tasking abilities, it’s actually very light (about 4 kilos), which makes it easy to move from room to room.

What I really love about it is that I don’t have to use commercial cleaners. All I need is water.


Unfortunately, this machine is not idiot-friendly. In the past, I usually just watch the salesman demonstrate the product and I’m good to go on my own. With this all-in-one vacuum, there is a bit of a learning curve.

I have learned for example, that it’s better to use distilled water rather than tap water.

I have also learned that I need to clean the machine immediately after I use it or it may leave a not-so-desirable odor. And before you throw the mop into the washer, pre-clean it to protect your washing machine.


So, is the BISSELL Symphony All-in-one for everyone? In my opinion, its for the home manager who has no time to do a thorough cleaning and does not want to rely on harsh chemicals to do the job.

Some people have criticized my dependence on BISSELL (and steam cleaning) because they think that only chemicals can really clean. If that’s your opinion, then find another vacuum cleaner. For me, I’m in the same boat as most of these satisfied customer reviews.

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