How To Choose The Best Vacuum For The Money


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is important, but with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which type is most suitable for your family.

Below are some main factors to look at the next time you’re shopping for a new vacuum cleaner:

Which Vacuum Build Type is Best?

  • Barrel: Versatile and portable, barrel style vacuums are a popular choice for many floor types. Generally speaking, these vacuums tend to have more attachments available to maximize cleaning power for various situations and surfaces.
  • Upright: This type of vacuum typically contains a rotating brush built inside the unit, which is very effective at picking up in-ground dirt from carpets. Upright vacuums are also easier to navigate, especially for anyone with mobility issues or a back injury, as you do not need to bend over or drag the unit behind you while cleaning. Many upright vacuums are suitable for both carpet and hard surfaces, but check with the manufacturer just to be sure.
  • Handheld: Small and often battery operated, these handheld vacuums are great for small areas, such as behind couch cushions or even inside your car. They are not practical for cleaning an entire house.

Should I choose a bagged or bagless system?

Bagless vacuums are the most popular choice today, and for good reason. Purchasing vacuum bags can become costly over time, however many users prefer the convenience of simply throwing the bag out when full, as opposed to emptying, and cleaning the canister of a bagless vacuum cleaner. Another benefit of going bagless is the clear, see through canister which is handy in case something valuable is sucked up by accident.

Is a corded or cordless vacuum right for me?

Cordless vacuums are a new technology, which rids users of tangled cords becoming stuck on household furniture. Whether or not a cordless vacuum is suitable for you will depend on a couple of important factors:

  • Size of cleaning area – Cordless vacuums work best for smaller areas. If you have a large house you will be better off choosing a corded option, as even the newest and best cordless vacuum cleaner will most likely need multiple recharges to clean a large house.
  • Frequency of cleaning – If you vacuum your floors daily, or even a few times a week, you may find the constant need to recharge the vacuum cleaner frustrating. In this case a corded machine is probably the better option for you.

Does anybody in the house suffer from allergies or asthma?

If so, you should be looking for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system. These vacuums are made so that no fine particles, such as fine particles, pollen and other allergens are re-released into your household air.

Do you have inside pets?

Pet owners can become frustrated at the pet hair which accumulates over floors and other surfaces, such as couches. If you have inside pets which shed hair, look for a vacuum cleaner with a pet hair specific attachment, sometimes known as a turbohead. These attachments work very well at removing hair from surfaces.

If you consider the above factors during your next search, you’ll not only save more money, but you’ll have a vacuum that actually does what you need it to!

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