Looking For The Best Shark Vacuum? Here’s What You Need to Know

Choosing the best Shark vacuum cleaner for your home is not a walk in the park for most homeowners. This is so because different models under the Shark brand are simply powerful, sleek appliances that add delight to any homeowner. When searching for a good Shark vacuum, it helps to look out for the following aspects prior to purchase:

  • Bagged or bagless
  • Filtration systems
  • Portability
  • Accessories

Bagged or Bagless

When choosing a vacuum, it is important that you consider whether the specific cleaner is bagged or bagless. The good news is that when it comes to Shark, two of the most popular models, the Navigator and Rotator are bagless.

This means that dirt and debris collected is stored in a removable bin as opposed to a bag which requires replacement. In the long run, this is a money-saving feature since it prevents you from buying extra bags for dirt disposal. On the flip side, these bagless cleaners require reliable filtration systems to ensure optimal dirt collection.

Filtration Systems

Closely tied to whether the particular Shark vac is bagged or not is the choice of filtration system available. Most Shark models feature HEPA filters whose mode of action is lauded for its ability to eliminate small-sized particles of dust and dirt. This is quite a decisive feature for me, for one simple reason.

I am allergic to dust and pet hair, so I cannot stand the release of dust back into the air during vacuuming. I am currently using the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration. This is a model I would recommend to anyone who suffers from varied allergens.


Shark vacuums are available in different designs: hand-held, upright and canister. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to outline all of your cleaning needs. For instance, are you going to need to haul it up the stairs? Are there far-to-reach corners that frustrate your cleaning efforts?

Depending on your needs, you could always settle for a portable vacuum cleaner. A lightweight Shark vacuum is especially perfect for those who have to clean upstairs, as well as for those with cleaning needs for the sick and the elderly.


Once you have settled on the aforementioned features, you may want to consider what accessories you will purchase. Accessories make cleaning a breeze, and they range from the indispensable to the aesthetic. Some of the accessories that may come in handy include the turbo pet tools, flexible crevice cleaning tools, powered brushes and a bag big enough to store them all.

The choice of accessories is largely determined by the cleaning needs at hand, as well as the budget (for obvious reasons). You do not want to spend all of your money on accessories, then be unable to maintain the vacuum cleaner. From my past experiences, this is just not worth it.


The Shark brand is renowned for its valuable and advanced cleaning technology. While the models vary in features, the underlying fact is that the brand promises and delivers on its cleaning quality.

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