Best Eureka Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka is a company synonymous with the production of lightweight bagless vacuum cleaners. The firm that boasts of some of the best vacuums in the market and offers a wide selection ranging from canisters to uprights. Below are four of the best bagless vacuums from Eureka:

  • The Eureka Airspeed Unlimited
  • The Eureka AS2113A AS one
  • The Eureka Whirlwind Rewind
  • The Eureka Optima

Eureka Airspeed Unlimited

Topping the list is the Airspeed Unlimited Bagless upright cleaner. The latter is a uniquely designed vacuum cleaner whose air path features fewer bends and turns compared to other cleaners. The fewer bends and turns decrease the distance between the floor and the cup, which creates more suction power.

Eureka’s patented smooth glide pivoting base makes this cleaner easy to push on different types of floor surfaces while the soft rubber wheels ensure you do not scratch or nick your hard floor when vacuuming. The allergen filter, on the other hand, keeps the interior of your home free of allergens and dust.

Eureka AS2113A AS one

The AS2113A is an exceptionally lightweight cleaner whose airpath is similar to the previously mentioned. For maximum cleaning efficiency, the floor nozzle features a five height adjustment switch that gives the AS2113A the ability to clean different carpet types.

A 19-inch cord makes it easy to move while the 13-inch wide cleaning path makes cleaning and picking up messes quick. The washable dust cup can be reused several times before requiring replacement. To protect your furniture and baseboard, it features a furniture guard impervious to scuff.

Eureka Whirlwind Rewind

Designed to make cleaning easier, the Eureka Whirlwind Rewind is another exceptional vacuum from Eureka. With a two stage cyclonic dust collection system, itis able to maintain suction power as you vacuum.

The floor nozzle of the Whirlwind is controlled using a four setting height adjustment switch that you can easily turn on and off with your foot. Also equipped with a turbo brush, on-board wand and a crevice tool, it is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas. For effortless cleaning, the cord of the whirlwind automatically rewinds up to 25 ft with the push of a button.

Eureka Optima

Weighing only 11.4 pounds only, this vacuum is another lightweight bagless model designed for cleaning carpets as well as bare floors. It features a height-adjustable handle with an O-shaped handle at the top.

It might seem a compact cleaner whose dirt cup is incapable of accommodating dirt, but in reality, it can actually accommodate dirt as much as many full-sized cleaners.


Eureka is a company that has proven itself in the manufacturing of high quality vacuum cleaners. If your goal is to find a high quality bagless vacuum that’s also lightweight, then the vacuums mentioned above are definitely worth checking out.

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